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Want more? Why not check out more classic and vintage shows and festivals coming up in August, September and beyond in 2022 .We have AUTOJUMBLESCAR CLUB MEET UPS, MOTOR SPORTS, SHOWS & FESTIVALS, TOURS & RALLIES, CLASSIC and VINTAGE just to name a few. And keep your eyes peeled for more events being added to our CALENDAR every week.

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Festival Booking vehicle of the month

The 1994 M registered Astra diesel estate is a 1.7 D merit model. This is a base model estate car. According to the previous owner who purchased it from a garage, they told him it was owned by an old man who only drove to the shops and back, approximately 2k miles per year. Apparently he told the garage it was an RAF staff car. It is a merit model and has no central locking, no power steering, no sun roof, no electric windows, no abs brakes, no turbo. The only modern tec from the 90's is a standard base model tape player and 1x air bag for the driver. The only upgrade to the car is a tint across the front windscreen when it was replaced due to a large chip and removable rear window tint. The car drives very straight, but the tall 13" tyres requests the driver takes bends at a steadier pace than a modern car. As the car was garaged the majority of it's life it is as solid as new underneath. As an ex Vauxhall mechanic starting my apprenticeship in 1989, driving the Astra is like going back in time. A simple, reliable, popular estate car used by families and tradesmen back in the early nineties now becoming a rare sight to see in this condition and colour.

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