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We know that every penny counts when trying to raise funds for your event, so we kept our prices low. Don't believe us? Find out how much more you can make for your event or chosen charity by using the simple calculator below.

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Alternatively you can pass our fee on to your attendees. Please call or email us to discuss your options.



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Create any type of ticket

Donation, spectator, car clubs. The list is endless.

See who's attending

View all exhibitor vehicles as they register.

Communicate private events

Great for running a car club, which we can also help with

Gain insights into your attendees

With the event attendee map you'll find out where your audience are travelling from.

Shortlist exhibitors

Especially useful for concours shows.

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How do we compare to other ticket sellers? Well, if you sell a 100 tickets…

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How to choose an event listing that's right for you

If you have already registered with us before then you can click here to submit your event details. Once we have received your request we will get back in touch to notify you that your event has been created.

A simple listed event

Your event will be listed and added to our calendar with all your event details. Visitors to our site will be able to find your event via the our calendar. Visitors will not be able to book tickets through our website. If you wish to have it promoted it will also feature on key areas of our website. Please contact our Media department to explore your options.

click here to create a listing only

A listed event with tickets

By choosing this option you will be creating an event that is not only listed in our calendar but will also feature on our events page and if you wish to have it promoted will also feature on our Home Page. Please contact our Media department to explore your options. Your tickets can also be validated by using a device, such as a smart phone, and installing a QR code reader. Just point the device at your ticket QR code and the details will appear allowing you to make sure that the ticket is genuine. This function requires a data connection to work.

You're almost ready to create your booking. All you need to do is settle on the method of payment for your customers. At Festival Booking we currently use PayPal to handle all transactions.

REMEMBER: Your customers do not need a PayPal account to purchase tickets for your event. Once they have selected their tickets, and are re-directed to the PayPal screen, they will be invited to log in or pay as a guest using their credit card or debit card.

Create an event with FREE admission but that requires tickets for entry

Choose this option if you want to your exhibitors/spectators to attend a free event but require them to bring a ticket as proof of a booking. Festival Booking take no fee for ticket types of this nature. Once you have created your tickets (ensuring that their face value is £0.00) all you need to do is select the Festival Booking PayPal option from the Payment screen and your tickets will be processed at zero charge. You can put your own PayPal information in there as well if you so wish but the end result will be the same. Zero charge :)

Festival Booking will hold no financial information about your customers with this option.

Create an event that requires tickets for entry

PLEASE NOTE: All tickets processed by Festival Booking PayPal are subject to an administration fee of 2% of the total face value of the tickets for your event (Typical Example: 100 tickets @ £10 = £1,000 face value. Festival Booking fee @ 2% = £20). This is in addition to the standard PayPal fee for each transaction which can be found here:

If you choose to use the Festival Booking PayPal option we will handle all your payments and credit the account of your choosing (minus PayPal fee and our administration fee) once either the event has closed for bookings or the final day of the event has passed, whichever's soonest.

click here to create a listing with tickets

Ready to create your event?

If you need any help you can always call us on 01908 269 538 and we can walk you through the process of creating a listing.