What is Festival Booking?

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Welcome to Festival Booking, the place to create, organise and communicate your classic or vintage event.

There are many vintage and classic vehicle websites out there on the web, so what makes Festival Booking so different? In short, we put everything together in one place: information about classic and vintage car shows, simple ticket booking services and a comprehensive calendar of events.

If you’re a spectator, then CFB is the place to find events in your area. No more searching around the internet for shows big and small – they’ll all be here. Then book tickets simply and securely from a company who are classic car enthusiasts, and not just a big nameless ticket corporation.

If you run events, then CFB will not only list your event and sell tickets for you, but also publicise your show to our database. As we only promote classic and vintage events, you can be sure that the people that see your event are exactly the ones you would like to attract. If you’re an exhibitor, then our calendar and booking system will make things very simple. You’ll be able to plan your classic car show season ahead, leaving you more time to concentrate on the important things in life.

Remember, the CFB team have been helping to organise and publicise classic vehicle events for over 10 years, so we understand what it takes to put on a top show.

The Festival Booking Team